4550 GDDR3 vs 9500 GT DDR2

Which one is better for gaming?

4550 DDR3 512MB 64 bit vs 9500 GT DDR2 512mb 128 bit

My specs:

Processor: AMD athlon X3 435 rana 2.9 ghz triple core
Ram: 2GB DDR2
PowerSupply: 350W rosewill
HardDrive: 500GB Sata

The 4550 is $39.99 and the 9500 GT is $35.99
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    A HD4550 is basically a HD4350 in drag. It is slightly more powerful but has worse build quality than the Nvidia card. Overall neither are that good for gaming. I do not expect you to stretch you budget, but a HD4650 or a GT220 will destroy the other two

    Hope this helps!
  2. Sorry, i did not answer your actual question, the 9500gt is the better card
  3. So for $5 more I should get the 4650 DDR2 512mb over the 9500 GT 512mb DDR2?
  4. Yes, that would be the better option
  5. If you are gaming even the HD4650 is a pretty poor choice. It will be acceptable at low resolutions but an HD4670 is considerably better and I would consider it the minimum if you are at all serious about gaming.
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