Beware ! Caution ! Buying NEW Abit AX8 v2.0 motherboard from eBay

Dear ABIT motherboard fans,

I think this the only venue that I can reach to all ABIT forum fans.

If you are considering of buying a new ABIT AX8 V2.0 socket 939 motherboard
from eBay(, please reconsider. There is the risk of being
cheated by these unscrupulous sellers.

Just type in Abit AX8 motherboard in the search box, then you will find a couple of

Actually they are selling the same product but using different eBay seller ID.

They actually selling NEW Abit AX8 v2.0 motherboard (OEM) version.

But don't be misled by the promosing 100% or 99.8 % positive feedback rating.
Buyer who bought the motherboard get extra 30 days warranty on top, if they rate the
buyer 100% positive feedback. Once rated 100% postive rating, the buyer email to inform seller,
then later the seller will email back to buyer warranty is 60 days warranty period. The earlier buyer
rate the seller the more warranty days the buyer gains. That is if the buyer receives the motherboard
2 days after the receiving date, warranty cover will be 58 days

Dirty Trick:

The motherboard was 100% new, I agreed totally because the screw holes on the motherboard
has never been scratched before when I first received the motherboard by air mail.

The problem was one of motherboard's capacitors was sabotaged by someone(it could
be the seller or it could be the motherboard distributor) so after using over 2 months
period that is after your warranty period cover, the motherboard would not be bootable because
one of the capacitor was dead.

Yes, correct. It will take about 2 months time if the PC Power Supply Unit's stand by power is always on
(when the main power is not switched off at the back of the PSU)

For my case, I have discovered that a capcitor near the CMOS battery, it has a little hole.

See the link below:

I thought it was normal to have a hole but in fact it was not.

Only in recent weeks, when booting up my PC, at POST, it kept on showing CMOS setting had
lost, I had to keep on entering the date and time over and over again when I boot up the system.

So, one day, I had enough of this, I bought myself a new CMOS battery and installed on the

I felt it was strange to change the CMOS battery so early, because seller supplied me a new
CMOS battery(uninstalled/unused/separated from the m/b) + new AX8 v2.0 Motherboard when
I first got it.

A new CMOS battery should be able to last some years before changing it to a new one.

The battery supplied from the seller had 3 Volts before installing on the motherboard.
I confirmed this reading was true because I used a multimeter to check it.

After 3 months has lapsed, the voltage reading on the battery had dropped to 2.63 volts
which why the CMOS bios setting keep loosing the saved settings.

I cannot find the reason why such thing could happen, why was the battery lost so much voltage???

However, something was definitely draining off the battery power slowly. But I could not find the root

Anyway, I changed it then the worse nightmare happen, the motherboard cannot boot up
for some reason. After doing a real close up check, I found the culprit to be the capacitor
which has a hole on the top.

The motherboard kept stopping at the double 8 segments-LED showing = 8.4. if you look up the boot
POST code, this number is defined as: "Initialize ISA PnP boot devices". This definition does not give any clue of what is wrong with the motherboard except that it was telling me that it couldn't go any
further after initializing the ISA PnP boot devices. After a few seconds, the motherboard will automatically
shut down. So it would not allow to boot into Windows.

I removed the capacitor because it was obviously ruined.

Replaced a new one, then the motherboard booted up my PC and went to Windows XP system without
any hassle at all. Next, I re-entered back the date into the BIOS setting for the last time. :hello:. Fantastic!!! Everything is running as normal!!! :pt1cable:

See the link below:

So, what I am saying is that the capacitor is being damaged/sabotaged intentionally.
When it is sobotaged, it will take about 2 months to notice that the motherboard is not
working properly. Or behaving very strangely.

Since the motherboard warranty is over(after 2 months), seller has no obligation of replacing
you with a new one.

Then you have to buy another new Abit AX8 v2.0 motherboard from them.

This means that either the seller or the distributor can sell off all remaing motherboards(old stock)
quickly. Bear in mind that these motherboard are already obsolete in the market and ABIT definitely
don't manufacture it any more. So, the seller/distributor can stop worrying of not able to sell off the
motherboards in their stock.

Or, another alternative, is to find another eBay seller who sells socket 939 motherboard. But most of
them are 2nd hand or refurburished ones and not new.

So, please be awared that such unethical practice is occuring when you buy an obsolete model but NEW
motherboard from eBay.

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  1. OMG! Are you telling us you actually got a bad motherboard from someone off of eBay? :sarcastic:
  2. jitpublisher said:
    OMG! Are you telling us you actually got a bad motherboard from someone off of eBay? :sarcastic:


    At first look it is not a bad motherboard or even used motherboard,
    in fact it is brand spanky NEW motherboard.

    You have to be careful that the capacitor might be sabotaged (by poking a
    small hole on top of it).

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