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Is it better to crossfire two Radeon HD 5770( $159 each) or to get only one GTX 275 ( $349)? Also, I need some advice getting a graphic cards...
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  1. ^+1...
    Also look at a 5850 for 290$~... it will thoroughly smash the 275 in benchmarks...
  2. Ya got a month till fermi arrives .... I'd sit tight until it does....worse case, you'll pay less for your 5770, 5830, 5850 whatever.
  3. Can you explain what fermi is?
  4. Fermi is nvidias new architecture...,2536.html
    Article on it there :)
  5. Fermi is the code name for the new Nvidia cards. I'm not so sure about either the month estimate or that it will impact the prices of the ATI cards.
    The HD5850 is probably your best choice.
  6. Thanks.. I think I should wait to get this... will Newegg carry this item?
  7. Yea newegg will sell fermi based cards when theyre released in supposedly march or so :)
  8. What's the estimated price?
  9. No idea... we only have a clue of the gtx270 and 280, most likely to be the equivalents of the 5850 and 5870, so probably around that price range...
  10. unj008 said:
    What's the estimated price?

    In March the price is one Unicorn, but by summer you should be able to buy one for about $400-500.

    If you`re willing to wait for Fermi, you should definitely wait for ATi`s next GPU in the Fall which will beat Fermi... and if you`re willing to wait for that, you should wait for Fermi2 the sequin-ing... and if you`re willing to wait that long, why not wait some more for a Genuine intel part !?! :lol:

    The only thing Fermi-based part that`s a month away is their top end, and it`s not going to be anywhere in your price range, and as such will also not affect any of the prices of the cards in your range either. :pfff:

    There`s little in the March PR launch that will matter to you, other than to know if you should wait even longer for future cards in the fall that might possible be derivatives of the GF100.
  11. Does anybody Know which VGA cooler will fit the ATI HD5850?(I Posted on the fourms)
  12. scythe setsugen does.

    i have one for my 5870, very good.
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