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Hello my fellow people! I just got my new custom built computer and I'm loving it so far! I use my computer for everyday tasks, such as internet browsing, emails, etc.. and gaming as well. I play everything from some browser games to demanding ones such as Arma, Dayz, Battlefield, Planetside 2, etc...

Now since I have this wonderful PC I've been doing some exploring and heard of "Overclocking". I think I know what it is, but what are the pros and cons? Would it be worth overclocking on my build? What would you recommend? Overclock the CPU? Overclock the GPU? Neither? I need help! :D

Here are my specs:

-Windows 7 Professional (x64)

-Intel Core i5-3570K @3.40 GHz

-Asus P8Z77 Motherboard

-Corsair 16GB Ram

-NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 FTW Edition


-4x120MM Case Fans

-Antec Kuhler H2o 620

What would you recommend doing? Thanks a bunch!
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  1. Overclock the CPU/GPU when you feel the performance decreases in your programs, apps, and games, which is not the case now.

    Perhaps in 3 years! ;)
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