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I have my computer put together for the most part but I was reviewing my work with the online guide that was posted in this forum and noticed something. I used the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus as my CPU cooler (the same as in the tutorial along with the same MOBO they used) and instead of having the fins facing up and down facing the top and bottom of the case I have mine installed so the fins face the front and back of the case. Does this matter? Also my fan on my CPU cooler is facing the back of my case right in front of my case fan does this matter? And the final question about this cooler once installed if you try to twist it will it twist or is it suppose to be completely tight?
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  1. Orientation is pretty important with HSF's, but the way the fan faces is most important. It has to be moving air across the case and towards your exhaust fan, otherwise two things end up happening. 1.) Your HSF's fan can't get as much air to move because the exhausts are making a pocket right where the HSF fan is supposed to be grabbing air, and 2.) the air your HSF does get is just being recirculated over and over, getting warmer and warmer.
  2. The heat sink should be oriented so that the fan is pushing air through the fins toward an exhaust fan. That will be front-> back on most cases but can be pushing lower air up to a top exhaust fan on cases that have those. Often the pushing air up orientation interferes with the RAM slots so its not a common thing to see.
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