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How many Fans can I attach to this(Intel DP55WB) board??? I have an InWin Fanqua casing with 4 fans.... was wondering if i can attach all the four to this board......
If it is not possible is their any alternative way to attach the fans to the board....(I don't have the option of changing the board :( )

My question may sound very noobish but I'm new to this subject and am planning on building my first rig.
Any help will be appreciated :)
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    From the images i found on google, it seems it can only take 3 fans on the board (one being for the cpu fan.) Now you can still connect the fans to the power supply using a 3-pin to Molex adapter.

    Or you can use something like this
  2. ;) Thanks a lot buddy! You just made my day!! :) :bounce:
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  4. not a problem! x) glad i could help! :)
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