Overclocking hd graphics 4000 and ram on asrock board

so i just built my pc about a few days ago and i was wondering what i could get from it. I went into bios and found a auto preset option for cpu overclocking that put my i5-3570k at a 44 multiplier (4.4 GHz) and i was wondering how much will that affect intel graphics 4000 or do i need to overclock that seperately. i saw an option in the bios that was right next to the cpu auto presets and i wasnt sure if that affected intel hd graphics 4000. if not can someone explain to me how to get the most out of hd graphics 4000. (i have not ordered my graphics card as i am still debating on which one to get)

my next question is overclocking the ram, i have 2x4gb corsair veingance 1600 mhz low profile ram and i was thinking about OC'ing
obviously because it would help the graphics. but the overclock utilities in the asrock bios is much different from anything in other tutorials so i became very confused. i did notice an option that let me choose the speed (how i got it to the stock 1600 mhz when the boards auto function put it at 1333 mhz) do i just increase this? or do i have to change anything else? thank you everyone in advance
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  1. I don't think there is much to gain even after you overclock your igpu.
    Graphics performance isn't solely dependent on clock speed...
    Since you said that you will be getting a discrete graphic card anyways, why don't you wait a few days instead of risking to fry your cpu/igpu?

    I'm not familiar with RAM overclocking in general but I have read that anything above 1600 mhz isn't much noticeable.
    If you want even more performance-other members can help you with RAM overclocking
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