Really confused

Hi guys,
As of late, I've noticed my computer making this weird noise (it sort of sounds like a processing noise, its hard to describe).

I thought it was my WD green, starting to fail, the noise reminds me of my old school computers, where when you open internet explorer and you hear this processing noise. So I unplugged the WD and booted it up (since its storage), but the noise was still there, I thought it might be my OCZ Vertex 4, but an SSD is not supposed to make any noises right?

So tonight, I opened the front panel up to get a closer inspection and noticed it wasn't as loud, with the front panel off. I have two fans on the front panel and i disconnected the top one, and the noise was almost gone, it was still there, but really, really feint, not noticeable until you put your ear against the panel.

I've researched a bit on the internet, but I just wanted to get your opinions, I've heard about the turbulence the front mesh creates, but I'm not sure if it is a faulty fan or some other part of the computer.

I really thought it might of been the CPU, because it really just sounds like a processing noise, like something is being calculated. I hope this makes sense, but there is no other way to describe it.

Cheers guys
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  1. Probably dust on the fan blade throwing off the balance causing noise or the fan is failing, solution blow the dust off and if that doesn't solve it, get a new fan.
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