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I want to OC an i7 3770k (upgrading from my i5 2400) to maybe 4.2ghz and then if that's stable I want to bring it up to 4.5ghz, I am not aiming for anything higher. What would be the best cooler for this Overclock, would the hyper 212 Evo be a good choice? Or should I go with an H80?
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  1. There are a lot of opinions--it really just depends on your taste.

    I personally prefer the H80i (recent update to the H80), but the NH-D14 and Silver Arrow Extreme also work very well.

    Here's some info on the Hyper 212 with the 3770k:
  2. I've seen some people get up to 4.4 ghz with the hyper 212 evo. For the money, it's the best, but if you really want those high numbers, I'd suggest something like the Zalman 135 mm max-r or the Noctua nh-d14. They're more expensive, but they're close to (if not) top of the line for air cooling. Then again, for that money you can throw in an extra 30 bucks and get a Corsair H100. Then again, some people don't trust water cooling. Like the guy above me said, it's all up to your taste :)
  3. I have had great luck with the Hyper 212 for the money, 4.5 ghz I5 3570k I never have broke 70C with prime, but my case has good airflow as well.
  4. If I were to get the noctus D14 or the Zalman 135mm maxr, will that outperform the H80? They both are around the same price range. I can't fit an H100 in my case because of a motherboard capacitor on it.
  5. Buy water cooler from cooler master its best for u r components.
  6. I've never had experience with the H80, but from what I can understand it's on par and sometimes worse than high-end air coolers (like the two I mentioned). Everyone gets different temps though, there are so many factors that it's impossible to give you a definitive answer. But for the money, I'd personally get the Zalman (with the blue LED of course ;D )
  7. Altiris said:
    If I were to get the noctus D14 or the Zalman 135mm maxr, will that outperform the H80? They both are around the same price range. I can't fit an H100 in my case because of a motherboard capacitor on it.

    Yes, the Noctua is equal to the H100, but for the H100 to perform equal to the NH-D14 it will need to run at a high fan speed, and thus higher noise ratio.
  8. If the Noctua or Zalman coolers don't fit in my case which cooler should I get? The hyper 212 Evo or the H80? I know the H80 will fit with ease and I am almost sure the Hyper 212 evo will fit (I have a 200mm side fan on my case). Will the hyper 212 Evo be able to pull 4.5ghz, I read a lot that ivy bridge runs hotter than sandy bridge.
  9. What kind of case do you have? It's best to take measurements before you buy any heatsink/cooler. I currently use the Hyper 212 plus in my Corsair 500r and have a good inch and a half or so of clearance from my side fan. Most bigger mid-tower cases are fit for aftermarket coolers, but always make sure before you possibly throw your money away.
  10. I have an Apevia X trooper mod tower case with side panel. I measured it last night but I did it very quickly.
  11. Comparing your case's width to mine, it's only a half inch shorter, but also doesn't bow out on the sides like my 500r does, which compensates for the room taken up by the side fan. You might have to remove that side fan if there's not enough clearance, but the x trooper has really good airflow anyways, so I think you'd be okay =]
  12. I really don't wanna remove the side fan lol, I really love the way it looks with the Blue LEDs and such. So if the Nactuas don't fit (I have a feeling the Zalman def. won't) should I go with the 212 Evo or the h80?
  13. I really think the hyper212 will be the best choice because beyond a certain point as you buy better coolers the temperature delta isn't that high and it does not justify the price.
    The highest I would go would be a cooler master V6 and that is about 8' C better than the hyper 212 but it is noisy too.
  14. I'd go with the H100. Recently bought it, and it's been nothing but phenomenal so far. Granted, I'm using an FX-8150, but I'm pretty sure it would translate over to Intel the same. Check out some of the reviews. It's a beast. My idle temps stay at 18 degrees. And my load temps (OC'd to 4.3GHz) never stray beyond 40 degrees (core temps) and 50 degrees (CPU temp).
  15. Just wanted to add that this cooler will beat (by a bit) the NH-D14 and should cost less (depends on where you buy it):

    Take a look at this review that compares it and the DH-14.
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