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My current mobo just died, and I need a cheap new one to stick till April 2011 after which I will donate my PC to dad. Processor is a Intel Pentium D805 which OC's like crazy.

So, I need a cheap mobo with support for my cpu which allows for some decent oc'ing options. OC capabilities are important. 4 Ram slots (DDR 2) and ATX form factor preferred. Budget 40$-60$, but I'd like to save some bucks :)

One more question : Neither of Gigabyte, Asus or MSi have listed D805 (FSB 533) in their CPU Support List. Although all have support for D820 (FSB 800)..

So, will my D805 be compatible?

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  1. All right, a board for a CPU like that - man, you're dad is one lucky man =P

    I managed to find this on fleabay (eBay)

    And this board should support your CPU. I found it on the CPU supported list which i have linked here.

    It take DDR2 (max 4GB) and it's a Micro ATX form factor. I don't know about OC, but there won't be many options for such high-class technology xD.

    If i find anything else I'll let you know.
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