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I know that the 5770 is a superior card but is it worth the extra money over the 5670 for HTPC use only. Will the 5770 improve my HTPC experience. I will be downloading, watching internet material, as well as watching OTA material from tuner card.
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  1. If you aren't gaming you don't need an HD5770 so go for the HD5670. The HD5570 would also be a good choice and is slightly cheaper.
  2. If you're not doing any gaming, you shouldn't be able to tell the difference between a 5450 and a 5770. But obviously the former is more power efficient.
  3. unfortunately i cannot get the 4670 any cheaper than the 5770 based on the current deals i have with newegg. I guess i should be thankful!
  4. ?
    The HD5770 is around $160 on newegg and the HD5670 $100
  5. would the onboard graphics on a h55/h57 with i 530 be equivalent to either of these. I know some have talked of using this combo in a HTPC, i just do not want to be limited. What affects transcoding speed
  6. jyjjy said:
    The HD5770 is around $160 on newegg and the HD5670 $100

    I can get HIS 5770 card with 4gB of 1333 ram for 230 plus $30 in mail in rebates.
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    The 5770 runs hotter so the fan will be louder. I would get the slowest card that does what you want to reduce heat and noise if your building a htpc. A fanless card would be ideal.
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