Cant use all 32 gb ram

hi. why i cant use all my 32 gb ram for render in maxwell ? i can only use 4 gb
who knows maybe this from maxwell studio. i have to change something?
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  1. Are you using a 32-bit system?
    32-bit systems can only utilize 4gb of memory.
  2. And even 64bit versions are limited. For 32gb you need win7 pro or ultimate. And the software needs to be 64bit of cause.
  3. i use ultimate win 7 and maxwell 64 bit
  4. Take out all your ram/Stop/add one ram stick to first slot/stop/boot system check how much ram them shutdown/stop/remove stick add a another stick/rinse repeat untill all are tested/then do the same thing in gruops of 2 then gruops of 3/4/5/6 to rule out any errors.

    allso if you have a memory overclocked reset the bios to stock for the test.
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