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Will this graphics card:

work with this power supply:

what i mean is, does the psu have the proper connector for the card?
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    Yes. Those will work fine together. The PSU has 2 PCI-E connectors which is as much as any card requires.
  2. thank you for the quick response!
  3. its a crap PSU though. avoid it.

    rosewill do not make good PSUs. go with corsair or seasonic or another good brand. trust me, a PSU is one area where you do not want to skimp.
  4. Its not a great PSU, but its not total crap either. As long as he's not operating near its top-end limit of 600W, it shouldn't be a problem, and with that GPU, it won't be pushing it at all, and thus not really an issue. I know a few enthusiast guys who've gotten Rosewill PSU's with combos on Newegg (not expecting to actually use them) and have actually been impressed.
  5. i don't know any.

    the terrible build quality of rosewill PSUs is in my knowledge, a massive issue. even when running well below the rated amperage.

    as i understand, rosewill are close to bottom rung manufacturers. and really, paying alittel extra for a corsair PSU (a 520w would do) would be entirely worth it. it will last longer, be more efficient and MUCH less likely to die part way through its life.

    im not trying to get the OP to spend more money, but a PSU is truly the one place where you should pay for a quality brand.

    even this:

    would most likely run the system fine (depending on other specs).

    but if the OP wants to make sure he has plenty of headroom, this:

    its worth spending a few extra dollars on a quality PSU.
  6. Guys...I bought the Rosewill for one of my squadmates in a gaming squad to which i belong. He was going to buy this one

    I know there are much better psus on the market than the rosewill, but hopefully you will agree that the rosewill is a huge step up from the one he was going to get.
  7. YEah... Its definitely better than that...
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