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What is the recommended PS for the Gigabyte M61PME-s2P?

I am unable to find it on
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  1. The power supply isn't usually recommended for the motherboard. They are usually recommended based on the video card(s). They are what consume most of the power.
  2. Welcome Newcomer!

    Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2P -

    If you have an added GPU ~ HD 5770 then Corsair 650TX. $90 link
    If you're using the onboard VGA then Corsair 450VX. $55 link

    The Corsair 650TX would be nice to reuse in a future build with 1 GPU.

    Good Luck!
  3. The PSUs linked by jaquith are definitely good ones. Though, for the price, you can't really beat this OCZ 550w. It's enough for any single card or onboard setup.
  4. like it was stated above. Generally you dont match the power supply to your mobo. Its everything as a whole......CPU consumption, RAM, graphic card(s), FANS, CPU coolers, number of hard drives, disk drives, lights all that stuff.

    generally you want to mildly over power your system. you can stuff a 1200W power supply and it will only use what is necessary for your system to run (even if its like 600W) having an over kill power supply will not kill your system. Im not saying go buy a 1200W just figure out about what you need and go a lil over......hevan knows im proof of that i have a MINI ITX with a 650W fullsized ATX powersupply :P
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    Agree and disagree with jaquith... Corsair has switched manufacturers for the Corsair 650TX and seems to be having more issues. I would recommend going with the Antec EarthWatts EA650 or XFX P1-650X-CAH9 650W

    Here is a good link for review of PSU rankings...
  6. NEVER an Antec! I had (2) older rigs be 1/2 destroyed with Antec's PSUs {fried to GPUs ATI & nVidia} I'd have to be crazy to recommend any of their PSUs. And never a (3) rail PSU.

    Single Rail + Japanese Capacitors - Period. I don't care about Tom's Reviews full of omission's, bias, and paid vender$. I've built 70-80 rigs with Corsairs, if they fail they won't take out your rig's components - BTW no failures yet for years.

    Best PSU's: Corsair, {Highend} Enermax, {Highend} Mushkin, some -> SilverStone & OCZ.

    My selection bias: Quality, Fault Tolerance, Efficiency, Capacity, Components, and then Price. Most are made in China or Taiwan.

    1288 5 {Egg} 650TX -> Single Rail + Japanese Capacitors -
    518 5 {Egg} EA650 -> 4 Rails + Cheap Capacitors -
  7. @jaquith... I accept your bias toward Antec / point of view for 1) You're a fellow EVGA supporter & 2) my envy of your setups... [:mousemonkey:1] :lol: [:mousemonkey:5] I have similar "bias" towards MSI motherboards :)

    For high-end, you forgot SeaSonic (which makes most of Corsair PSU's) & XFX (IMO).
  8. I am certain I left out a bunch. I try to offer my "experience" over anything else, and I have the same feeling towards Gigabyte after discovering a Mfg defect on their UD3R. Tearing apart 10 rigs is a major reason to hate something - but building in multiples makes it hard to argue the truth of a problem.

    Example - Tom's {see if you can discover the Huh?! part - hint look at the spec's.
    Article link -,2705.html
    Spec's link -,2705-13.html

    ^Twist your noodle - and will make you second guess a lot of similar "Benches."

    Hugh Hint -
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  10. I am impressed by the discussion generated by this thread. This forum is awesome. I am familiar with the procedures for sizing power supplies but was unable to determine what the requirements were for said board. That was the 1st time I was unable to get the specs from a supplier about one of their products. Long story short, I thank each and every one for your very much appreciated input. In addition to the references to power supply guidelines from here, I discovered has a dandy little calculator. There were several answers that vied for "best" answer, but jaquith stole the show with several good answers. Thanks again to you all.

    'til later,
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