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Hello, Will running 3 vs 2 4890S in crossfire be worth the money. Mobo: Gigabyte P4 CPU: I7 920 2.66 Memory: Ocz Plat: DDR3 16000 2000 MHz Hard drives: 2- 1T DD Caviar black raid. 1- 1T barracuda running OS and backup. Sound card: Sonar DZ2 OS: Vista home Premium Graphic card: 2- Diamond 4890 PC in crossfire
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  1. No. Using more than two cards in Crossfire does not work very well. Save your money for a 5870 or 5970.
  2. I'm running one 4850 at the moment. So that's totally relative. I probably wouldn't. It also depends on your monitor's resolution.
  3. Adding a third 4890 will be an incremental upgrade. At best it will provide a 40% increase, though it seems on average the improvement of triple, vs dual, crossfire will be less than that. Still, it's seems to be a significant improvement. If your board can do a 16x/8x/8x PCI-E configuration, it's not too expensive for you, and you just want that extra bit of speed, then sure it may be worth it for you. If either of those criteria is false, then you may want to save up for two 5870s or two 5970s.
  4. What megaman meant to say was save up for two 5850s or one 5970. After all, the 5970 is two 5870s on one card for $150 less...
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