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Finally found the right place, apologize again to the system-packard bell forum members.

I am BYO a new system. I have a Thermaltake TR2 850w PSU. Next I need a mid-size ATX case. Quiet is a priority,but money and the wastage of such is something of an issue (I found a case but it came w/PSU which I already have so...). Any suggestions? I believe my ineptitude level precludes liquid cooling so base your answers on a air cooled system.
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  1. well the problem is with a high power 850w pc your just not going to find a Quiet case that will run on air. liquid cooling is the only way.

    this case is good : fractal design define r2

    it costs about £85 in uk @may 10th 2010
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    Here is a link to an excellent web site with information about quiet pc's that can help you make an informed decision:

    It pays to rummage around the site. The right hand column of the page I linked to contains links to case reviews.

    There is an inherent problem. Quiet is relative. One person's idea of a quiet pc may be another person's jet fighter at full thrust.
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