Hard Disk free space suddenly dropped

Hello tom's hardware members. I have a problem. My free space on my HDD has suddenly dropped from 5gb to 900mb free space. I didn't install anything or download anything and i cleaned the registry and browser history and anything i can think of and then it shows 1.8gg, but after a few minutes it drops to 130mb.
My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
My Hard Drive is Seagate ST316081
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  1. Did you try the option to leave only the recent system restore points?
    If you ran out of space in the Windows partition and you have another partition on your HDD with free space you can resize the partitions. This process can't be done with Windows though you will need special software for that.
  2. Your page file may be growing. It's size can be set.


    Restore points also take up space. You should be able to delete all but the last restore point via "disk cleanup" on the advanced tab.

    Windirstat is useful for finding large files and folders.


    Also, if you don't use hibernation, go into the power settings and disable hibernation, then delete the hyberfil.sys file.

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