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i tried to update drivers for my ati radeon hd 5770. after removing i wanted to download new ones from their www. but i couldnt start windows 7 even in the safe mode. finally when i got it running (start windows with last configuration) i cant use or mouse or the keyboard. it reports memory problem, then the blue screen windows memory diagnostic tool reports hardware problems were detected. i do however get windows running? is it possible that i burned my memory or its something to do with the graphic drivers and if i reinstall them it will be good again. (just to find a mouse with cable working on ps2)
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    Please post the following:
    1. Exact part-number and/or link for ALL RAM.
    2. Exact MOBO.

    Q - Is this a New Build and did your PC run fine before the driver update?
    Q - The only change I read was the driver, but did you recently pull out any component {RAM, GPU, etc}?

    To properly test RAM, create a Bootable CD/DVD of Memtest86+ D/L ISO/zip version -
  2. sorry was a bit in shock with this situation. this is a new system 3x2gb ram ddr3 corsair on gigabyte ga 890 gpa ud3h
    i installed yesterday new ati hd 5770 it was working ok, but i tried to install new updates in order to see if i can get full screen on my tv when i configure it to 720 p for hd. first option was to uninstall the catalyst centre from the comp and then install the new one. when i did that and wanted to restart the rest started. now its running memory diagnostic says hardware problem. i think its to do actually with the graphic card itself. if no luck will disconnect it and try connecting it to build in graphic card. i dont think its the memory slots i think in that case i wouldnt get the windows to start at all.
  3. btw thnx for your answer
  4. References:
    MOBO (3) possible -
    RAM Tested -

    1. {I need to know the EXACT DDR}
    2. Also, what OS {XP, Vista, 7 & 32 or 64 bt}

    What you described can be caused by a lot of things:
    Incompatible RAM
    OS update + conflict
    Installing incorrect HD 5770 drivers
    Improper mounted/loose DDR, GPU

    3. I also need to know {what error code} is on your BSOD/Blue Screen
  5. mobo 2.1
    win7 64 oem first time installed
    the box says xms3 corsair 6gb 3x2gb ddr3 1333
    i actually can start the windows, the blue screen i get is for checking memory diagnostic, the keyboard i get running via ps2 but all the usb ports are not working and geting error code memory not in order.
    since i cant get usb any ports working i think something happened while incorrect installing drivers from hd5770 grrr and now cant fix it anymore. worst of all is that i made partition (there are 2 sata 1tb each hard drives they became one i made partition moved files from my old computer and now even if i'd want to reinstall the windows again i am affraid i'd loose all the files. things used to be so simple 10 years ago
  6. g_dario said:
    the box says xms3 corsair 6gb 3x2gb ddr3 1333

    Your MOBO is Dual & Quad Channel e.g. 2X2GB you referenced Tri Channel DDR which maybe your problem. Please verify the above Gigabyte link. Your MOBO should have a total of 4 DIMM slots.

    Shutdown the PC and pull one of the RAM sticks:

    {CPU} -> | DDR3_1 | blank | DDR3_3 | blank |
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