Gonna Buy 9600GT 1GB or 512MB ???

I have a very tight budget and I am gonna buy a 9600GT card. What is the capacity I should choose. 1GB or 512MB?? optimum resolution for my monitor is 1300X768. So I am going to play games in that resolution. Please think about the future games also. :pt1cable:
System Specifications

CPU 2.66 Quad core Q8400

Thank you
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  1. If you're buying it for $90, go ahead and get an HD5670.

    If you can, save another $40 and buy an HD5770. The performance increase will play everything on your res at max for the next few years.

    But the 1GB version is useless.
  2. I can get a slightly used 9600GT for 52$. it's bit difficult to go for a higher card.
    Thank you
  3. If you can do that, then yes, that is a great deal.
  4. shadow187 said:
    If you can do that, then yes, that is a great deal.

    Are you sure 512MB would be adequate???
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    The 1gb will only become useful when youre playing at high resolutions with AA enabled...
  6. So everyone agrees agree and I am going for a 512MB 9600Gt VGA.
    Thanks everyone
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