Varying core temps in i7 930

Is it unusual to have very different core temps in an i7 930? I'm running Prime95 right now and I get the following from Hardware Monitor:

Core 0 - 63C
Core 1 - 62C
Core 2 - 61C
Core 3 - 56C

Seems like a big gap between Core 3 and the others. Wondering if this is a concern.

I'm not overclocking yet.

Also, and I know this should probably go elsewhere but I may as well include it, I'm using a Noctua NH-U12P SE2 with both fans at full speed (around 1400 RPM). I used the thermal compound that came with the cooler. Would I get lower temps with a different compound? I read so many reviews that claim this and that and there's always a lot of conflict regarding them. Is there any difference between what comes with a high quality cooler like mine and something like Arctic Silver (which some reviewers claim is over hyped)?

(by the way, I wanted to put my build specs in member configuration like I've seen with some others but can't for the life of me find where that's done)
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  1. it might be becaue most programs run on 2cores if lots of programs runing mybe 3 and if lots and lots are runing maybe 4runing?

    or it could be the paste not even on the cpu?

    if not i just dont know why its like that -sorry
  2. I'm running Prime95 blend and it's using 99% of the CPU so all cores are being hammered by that pretty evenly from what I understand. No other programs running really. Just basic windows stuff. I'm wondering if it's just due to the variations in the mfr process. I read that Intel does not make temperature specifications public for the i7's. And that temps can vary by 10 or 20 C from one i7 to another. Quite a huge variance. So I'm thinking that core 3 runs a bit cooler due to that same idea. Either that or somehow my heatsink isn't sitting perfectly flat although I took great care to get the thermal compound very thin and very even and was very careful to get the heatsink on evenly. I'm very fussy about that sort of thing.
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    This is normal. What is your cooling like just out of curiosity. Those are pretty good temps.
  4. I don't know what you are asking when you say "What is your cooling like". I described my CPU cooler in my OP. What are you asking?
  5. Whoops. That is what I'm asking. My bad. I've seen tons of posts with temp postings regarding i7 920s and 30s. I have an i7930. My temperature differences are similar on load tests. My temps aren't as low as yours though :( I am using an Arctic Freezer 7. Its crap tbh, very similar to stock heatsink I don't know why i bought it.
  6. Sorry to hear about your cooler but thanks for the thumbs up on my temps. I was concerned and thought about pulling the heatsink and resetting it but I'm sure I put it on just fine. It's just a shock going from a Q6600 where the temps never get over 45C with Prime95 runnning.
  7. Is this at stock?

    Also, I assume you found how to do the member config (as it looks like you have one now).
  8. If you're talking about the Q6600 core 2 quad then yes. Not overclocking that either. Running at 2.4. Normally it's under 30C. I don't do anything with it that gets it anywhere near where Prime95 gets it. Not a stock fan either. I have a Zalman 9500 on it.
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