Upgrade Suggestion ACER-AM1201

Hi, I'm having an ACER with:
- AMD Phenom X3 8550 2.2GHz Triple Core
- Crappy Radeon 2100
- 240W Power Supply
- Mainboard Acer RS740DVF

I need some suggestion on how to upgrade graphic card and power supply. I just want to play games at 1600x900 with high detail. Budget: as cheap as possible :D
I'm thinking of getting a 9800GT but know nothing about a good power supply and if it does fully utilize the CPU or not.
Thank you very much!
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  1. For that resolution you will want at least an HD4850/HD5750/GTS 250. This;
    is a very nice deal. Get it while it is still around.
    For a PSU you want a good brand of 400w or higher for that card. This isn't the best brand but it's a very nice deal
    It should be fine for that card.
  2. You'll needa new CPU. What's your budget? You can get a very good graphics card + PSU for $180.
  3. My budget is below $200 so a new CPU wouldn't be possible. The HD 4850 sounds like a good deal. Will my current CPU bottleneck that card?
  4. I think I might have posted that in the wrong thread..your CPU is alright...

    The HD4850 is just fine. Of course, if you can shell out another $20 for the HD5750, that would be so much better.
  5. shadow187 said:
    Of course, if you can shell out another $20 for the HD5750, that would be so much better.

    More like $35. It's not really worth it imo. If you are going to spend that much I'd get the $130 HD5770 512mb on newegg right now.
  6. I think i will get a 4850 and save the rest for a good power supply. Can you name me a few good brands for PSU? Thanks so much!
  7. corsair, pc power & cooling, seasonic, antec.
  8. Okay, so I have decided to buy these two:

    Will this PSU be enough to power the card? Thank you (:
  9. bump bump
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