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Hi. I'm running windows xp sp3 32 bit on a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3, with Intel Q8300, 4 GB RAM, Nvidia GTS250. I installed windows fresh and installed my drivers normally. I couldn't hear anything from my speakers even if I installed the drivers for my Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty and thought I should download the audio drivers from and then I downloaded the chipset drivers too, because in device manager there was a SM Bus Controller with an exclamation sign. After installing them I restarted my computer and my Internet wouldn't work and the icon in the bar dissapeared. When I go to Network & Connections in control Panel i get following error ''The Network Connections Folder was unable to retrieve the list of network adapters on your machine. Please make sure the Network Connections is enabled and running'' and the folder is empty. Then I saw that device manager is empty and saw on the internet I should start Plug & Play in administrative tools, services in control panel and make it start automatic. Some programs wouldnt execute before and I can see the device manager. After that I inserted a USB Stick and it doesn't want to read it. At my first restart my speakers made an awful sound, and after the second it disappeared. When I play music I get following error ''Bad DirectSound Driver. Please install proper drivers or select another device in configuration. Error code: 88780078''. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
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  1. I saw on the internet that I should go to administrative tools, services , windows audio and make it start automatic and it works!
  2. Well, I got the network working too If I made it start automatically and saw that everything was disabled. Should everything be disabled or enabled ?
  3. I thought I activated the internet but only the icon in the bar appeared and stopped at acquiring IP Adress or something like that and it doesn't work
  4. I installed something like Intel Inf for the chipset and could be that possibly causing all of this ?
  5. Somehow there was a windows update, which I installed and everything I made was like at the beginning where nothing works, the computer starts very slow compared to how it should start normally etc. Did nobody encounter such a problem ?
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