Does 9600GT supports DirectX 11?

Does 9600GT support DirectX 11? If not is there anyway to activate it using a BIOS upgrade or any other thing?
Thank you :)
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  1. no it dose not. only way i know up upgrading DX # is to upgrade your hardware.
  2. 9600GT doesnt support hardware dx11, but it will support software dx11 using w7 as the OS
  3. OK If I buy a 9600GT do you think that I want be able to play newer games?
    What is the DX version newer games require?
    Thank you
  4. Newer games still can run in dx9 mode, which the 9600gt supports. However you wont be able to play in dx11 mode on new new games like dirt2 and battleforge
  5. If you can get a 9600gt for $52 like you said in the other thread, go for it. You aren't going to get an equivalent dx11 card for close to that price.
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    9600GT should be able to play new games for a very long time. most new games coming out have a dx10 and dx9 mode so you can play with older cards, as such eventually they will start coming out with dx11/dx10 games (Dirt 2 for example). You will still be able to play those games, you just wont get the benifits/shiny goodness of dx11. you will start getting out of luck when dx12/11 games come out, but thats many many years from now.
  7. Check up on your facts, DiRT 2 has DX 9/DX 11.
  8. do you already have the 9600gt or are you thinking about buying a 9600gt because there are better options that you could get for roughly the same price. The aTi 5670 will offer roughly 15% -20% better performance for about 10 bucks more and dx 11 support.

    Now if you already have that 9600gt on whatever setup you have, you won't be able to use play dx 11 games, But as of now, only a hand full of games, use dx 11 like P1n3apqlExpr3ss even those that do support dx 11 also support either dx 9 or dx 10 which your 9600 gt does support
  9. sabot00 said:
    Check up on your facts, DiRT 2 has DX 9/DX 11.

    Even better! I was only trying to make a point that you can still use older games because the creators of the game made it able to run off of multiple DX versions, thus allowing older cards to be able to play them.
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  11. p1n3apqlexpr3ss said:
    9600GT doesnt support hardware dx11, but it will support software dx11 using w7 as the OS

    I am going to have to say:

    This is the best answer to this post.

    You fail for giving the props to someone else. /hugs
  12. Best answer how? It's wrong.
  13. How is it wrong. I will use an example. The new AVP game, if you want to use the best DX10 ratio you have to use DX11 from Windows7 code.

    So saying the 9600 doesn't support Hardware for DX11, but will use DX11 software from Windows 7 is the perfect answer.

    If you think that is wrong: Maybe you should use your search key. /hugs
  14. The 9600 won't run DX11 in software. It just won't run.

    DX11 requires DX11 graphics hardware. I also have no idea what you think a "DX10 ratio" is.
  15. K guys, no kidding... ofc the 9600gt wont run games in dx11 mode, but that doesnt mean it cant take advantage of whatever dx11 software there may be around... windows 7 for a start... while theres nothing wrong with my answer, theres nothing wrong with the 'best answer' either
  16. It won't take advantage of DX11 software because the advantage of such software is DX11, other advantages that do not pertain to DX11 do not count because you specificly stated DX11 software.
  17. 9600GT's and DivX 10 do not work, tired it, upgraded it, rebuilt Win7 - dump them they are now worthless
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