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I have D845i chipset motherboard which only have 2 ddr1 slots, both of them are being used. i want some more slots to increase my memory. So i was wondering that is there any memory expansion board that can allow me to have more slots to install more rams. help me please
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  1. no...

    if it was not built into the mobos architecture it is impossible.

    if you got 2 DIMM slots thats all your gunna have unless u upgrade mobo.
  2. you can increase the memory slots by buying a new board cutting out the ram slots, and super-gluing them to the board you have now =)

    lol, no, not really don't do that (please don't x.x)

    sadly you can't. so answer =L
  3. Thanks for the reply guys. Hmm i have to buy new motherboard. Ok i'll buy it.
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