USB got grounded or something

Hello Guys,

My USB suddenly stops working when I plugged it into my computer.

Here is the story:

My Computer has some problems booting so I had to remove all cables and also the front panel cables. Now I put them all back and I just thought of placing back the front panel cables on any form. now I got this SanDisk 4GB USB Stick and I plugged it on my laptop and copied Windows 8 on it so I can transfer it on my Computer. When I plugged the USB on the Front Panel USB Port, the USB lighted for a second and turns off (USB has this orange light). Now I thought maybe its just loose so I tried to plug it in the back of the Computer (Mobo). Now it won't power on or give any orange (it only shows light for a second). Now I tried to plug it back into the laptop and it does the same. USB won't seem to work anymore.

Now what I thought maybe was the Front USB Port on my Computer is grounded or something and broke the USB.

Is there any fix for the USB?

NOTE: I also tried plugging my PSP on the Front USB Port and it shuts down the PSP unexpectedly when I plug it.
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  1. Yeah most likely the little plastic dohickey in there broke off the causes this kind of issue. Or some of the pins came off the flat surface and are touching one another. If it is just the pins you might be able to fix this with a paper clip if you can see in there if the little dohicky broke its game over use a diffrent port.

  2. I don't think my USB pins got bent or something they all look fine. this just all happened when I plug it on my computer front panel USB port which might be the problem.

    what I am looking for right now is if it is still possible to fix my USB....
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