Uprgading to 9500GT problem

Let me say first I apologize if this thread is here somewhere, I have spent alot of time researching this issue and have had no luck thus far.

I have a an Emachine T6540 with an onboard 6150LE and I decided to utilize the PCIex slot and purchased a 8400 GS to upgrade slightly with. This card worked ok for a time, then it began to randomly not come back up when i would restart or shut down and reboot. This was perplexing to me, it would eventually come back up if I kept shutting it down and bringing it back up.

A little while later (after I decided to not restart or reboot if I could help it) I also purchased a new flat screen monitor and upon my reboot to start that monitor up the card never did come back up and I have been relegated to my onboard GPU once again. I had pretty much given up on that card figuring it was defective, after all it was only a 30 dollar card and buyer beware applied. This after my previous attemtps of shutting down over and over until the card came back failed. I doubt the monitor had anything to do with that although the timing was strange.

So a few months later I decided to get a 9500GT and put that in, ridding myself of what i thought was a defective card.

Well the 9500 isn't working either. I can hear a faint ticking noise inside the case when it goes to post, I am not sure what that means and haven't been able to find any documentation on it. The people at emachine are absolute bunko artists and won't even talk to me without money because the warranty is expired.

I'm at my wit's end and I'd hate to have to return this brand new card if a solution is out there.

I have made sure everything in the BIOS is set to how it should be, really in this model it is just supposed to boot an external card over the onboard if one is present. I also upgraded the power supply to a 350watt model as the one that came with the machine was really bad. I have tried disabling the onboard from device manager and that did nothing.

Any ideas? Could it actually be the new power supply? I am not aware of any bios updates although I found one that was just a minor fix to unrelated part of the machine. Thanks for replies in advance.
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  1. Very well could be the power supply.
    So did you replace the PSU it came with another inexpensive low end unit?
    At 350 watts, are you certain that you upgraded the PSU, or actually went down?
    Anyway, that is actually the first thing I would suspect. Can you get your hands on another one to test with?
  2. Thanks for the reply. The one that came in it was very low end, something like 250 watt with bad power distribution. I replaced it with a Antec BP350. The 9500 documentation says it requires a 350 watt PSU so I thought that suffice.
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