Cyberpowerpc or custom build?

Hey everyone,

I'm still debating whether or not to build a computer myself or have build it. I built an old socket 939 with a 7900 GTX which was a pimp system back in the day, but i ended up frying it. anyway, i have been spending a lot of time online on newegg putting systems together and then i have been comparing them to my first concern with the online configurator is that you want the cheapest setup, the brand is not chosen or it says "Corsair or major brand" has anyone experienced that the brands that come with my newegg build is just under $1000 but i chose all the brands that i wanted but on cyberpowerpc, the brands are kinda random. i would love to build a computer but im not the best builder. having one built and having it already running is very appealing as well. please give me some input on what to do.

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  1. You're posting this question in a "Homebuilt Systems" forum. You're not going to find anybody suggesting Cyberpowerpc over a home built computer around here. Building your own always gets you superior quality components for the money.

    I wouldn't worry about not being the "best builder". How hard is it really to build a computer? It's like a puzzle. Everything only goes one way. As long as you can read the motherboard owners manual and have a little common sense, building is a piece of cake.
  2. this a no-brainer... sorry to say but you buy a pre-built and you pay for laybor and lower quality components.. You can hand pick your parts and build a custom pc to fit your needs for usually a 3rd less of the cost to buy a pre-built! build it yourself!!!
  3. Custom.

    You'd probably save yourself 25-50% over the same prebuilt PC.

    Since you say you're new at this, I would post your build and relevant info (see the link in my signature) to have a double check on the parts. I'd be willing to bet that we can either put together a better PC or find an equivalent one for cheaper.
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