Will this setup be sufficent for home video editing?

Was wondering if this setup would be good enough for video editing home videos of the kids.. its call AMD vision ultimate .....AMD turion ultra dual core 2.4 g processor ..... ATI radeon HD 4650 ( for a laptop ) and 4 gig of RAM 600 gb HD
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  1. Yea, it will suffice, what program would you be using to edit and at what video resolutions?
  2. Yes, it will enough for just video editing.
    Are u planning to buy a laptop?
  3. Not really sure the resolution etc I have a Sony high. Deff camcorder and I would use whatever software you could reccomend for my setup ... was told by a bestbuy associste that this setup would not ne able to do video editing and was told AMD was trash all around ....nice to find out after I bought it.
  4. Bestbuy are regarded as being full of s***, i know this and i dont even live within 10000km of one...
    For software, i would recommend sony vegas or adobe after effects (both are pay versions, but theres always torrents XD), or you can use old trusty windows movie maker, but is prone to crashing a lot, and only renders at 480p, which is below what you want...
    As a side note, i can do video editing fine on my 2.0ghz dual, 2gb ram, and intel gma950, sure i have to wait a few more seconds for it to be finished, but so what...
  5. Wow that's good to know the best buy guy told me I would need a Intel I7 or something to edit video
  6. While he is probably right, nothing is wrong with your laptop... do you really mind waiting 5mins longer for it to render, while paying just 50% of the price?
  7. I wouldn't mind waiting a hour more to be honest
  8. Exactly my point, dont listen to bestbuy xD
    What you have is easily sufficent for just rendering and editing home videos :)
  9. Okay so my next question can I play games with this setup I dont play much maybe just madden football and Call of duty ... curious would call of duty look better on my laptop with the above specs or my ps3?
  10. Depends how good your TV is tbh... if you have a nice quality full HD LCD, then no probably not, limitations of screen size really, plus you wont be able to play it with fully maxed settings i would guess, it would still look great of course.
    More generally, yea it will play most modern games at medium settings at playable frame rates
    link on your graphics card there
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