Issue with the Radeon HD 5770

I purchased a Radeon 5770. Stupidly, I forgot to check and make sure my power supply is compatable.

It turns out that my power supply does not have a 6-pin PCI-Express connector.
However, a slip of paper came with my card that appeared to claim it can be used with a variety of pins including 1x4.

If I plug a 4-pin connector to one of the rows 3-pin rows (So one pin sticks out) will the card work?
Can doing so cause damage to my power supply?

If not, will a 4-pin to 6-pin adapter from somewhere work so I don't have to pay for a new power supply?

Also, on a different note:
Should a 550-watt power supply be able to handle an AMD Athlon II x4 620, 4gb DDR2-800 and a Radeon 5770?
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  1. Your PSU can handle the load of your setup. The 5770 should come with a 4pin molex to 6pin pcie power connector for you to use.

    It is recommended that your psu have the 6pin built in but it wont kill you to use a converter either.
  2. unfortunately, there wasn't one in the box. It's a Diamond 5770 1gb GDDR5. All it came excluding packing material was the card, a SLI connector & a DVI adapter of some sort. I guess I'll have to buy an adapter.
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