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I had a RAID 0 set up using Asus's speeding HDD feature, but I had to recover data off another drive which required disconnecting the raid so I could get more power ports. When I reconnected the hard drives, however, it is telling me that the OS cannot be found. Nothing was changed on the drives. Is there a way to get it to recognize the RAID?
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  1. Put it back EXACTLY the way it was & pray.
  2. Hasn't worked.
  3. Sorry, was away. Then {not moving the HDDs} boot with Windows Installer disk and run Disk Repair; F8.

    Link -

    Hopefully, you had nothing important on your RAID 0. In RAID 0 {1/2 Data - 0 Data}. All you should ever install on a RAID 0 is OS & Apps and NEVER important data. Alternative, is to use a 4-drive RAID 10.

    More than likely if Windows repair fails then I would start from scratch.
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