GTS 250 in SLI mode with 9800 GTX+

Hey guys, I know I shouldn't be running SLI like this but with limited funds after upgrading the cpu and MB I only had enough left for the GTS 250. My temps on the GTS 250 are close to 64*C. Is this normal for this card? My 9800 GTX+ is only running at 35*C oc'd. I have the fan set on manual and @ 100% for the 250 and auto for the 9800. Also I'm running a liquid cooled case and my cpu temps are just fine at 50*C (Intel i7 920 2.6 oc'd to 4.2) The memory is oc'd a little with no problems. Is this temp normal for th 250?
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    Click specifications, scroll down and it says "Maximum GPU Temperature (in C) 105 C" thogh Id start to be worried at around 90C+.
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