How loud is your rig

Hello fellow computer fans,

Today I want to understand how loud is my rig vs what other have out there...

Ok so I got a spss650W psu, akasa venom cpu fan (always at 1900 rpm... -.-; i guess cos of my OC), 5 CM sickleflows and 2 STS 140mm stock RV03 fans turned to high...

all intakes (front, back and bottom) have fan filters...

So i got this nifty app on my iphone called Db Volume and it tells me when i keep it near my power button that my case emits 57Db, when i pull back my phone to near my face (50 cms away from the case) it says 50 Db, so I know it's not exact, but gives some measure of how loud this rig is...

perhaps some good souls out there with smart phones or measurement equipment could post your set ups / volume?

Please of course ensure there is al little background noise as possible while testing...

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  1. Ambient is averaging about 45dB.. now let me turn this thing up!

    All the case fans and the like turned to max, that 140mm in the back of my case is the only one really causing noise and I'm at about 55-60dB.

    Now for my two Silverstones on my Hyper 212. 63dB to 65dB with them on max! I have a LOUD system that never has the fans at 100%

    I'm guessing it's pretty good because a normal conversation is about 50dB on it.

    Now mind you I have 3x 230mm and a 140mm on the first fan controller. On the second controller are my two Silverstone FM121's on my Hyper212. Those are what really start the ear drilling. But I've only ever used them that hard with IBT!
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