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I've had this comp for about two years now I think. The processor in question is a Phenom 9950 BE, It's been running hot since I got it, but latley has been causing blue screen shutdowns, and has been over 100c when playing Dragon Age. ( according to AMD Overdrive Status Monitor, Speedfan, and Coretemp alike.) I've opened it up, applied new AS5 ( yes, correctly, right from the website ). And made sure I've seated the heatsink correctly ( is the stock one that came in the box. I've got 3 case fans in total, would be 4 but the 120 in the side door is broken. Would buying a aftermarket heatsink help the problem? Or am I missing something? Oh, and when I opened it up, I vacuumed out all the dust humanly possible, and airdusted the rest out.
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    Yes. 100'C would destroy your CPU chip.

    Download HW-monitor, and see what voltages your CPU is running at.

    I think it's a HSF problem - it might be loose, damaged, or some other issue. Buying an aftermarket HSF would be a good idea, and allow you to overclock. There are great coolers for ~$30, ie. Cooler Master 212
  2. Went out to a local computer store, and grabbed a 120mm to replace the dieing one in my case panel, and bought a Zalman ( was $40ish after tax, 50 total with the other 120mm). And under load I dropped to 42c, highest at 50 when playing dragon age on max, ventrilo and a few other things running. Even got a neat external fan controller that tapes to the side :D. Anyway, consider this resolved, and thanks for the feedback L)
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