How does one change the 2D speeds of an ATI card?


I am having a tough time with my videocard, a Radeon HD 5770. 3D applications work fine, but 2D things like surfing the internet or just launching an application cause the screen to checkerboard and then go black with a message that says "The display adapter has stopped responding and has recovered."

This happened after I upgraded some PC parts and a reformated my Hard Drive. I am using Windows 7 64 bit.

I heard that this is caused by too low 2D clock speeds.

Is there any way to change my 2D clock speeds? I have the CCC as well as MSI Afterburner, but I can only see options to increase the 3D speeds, and am not sure how to make profiles.

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  1. I had this exact problem with a different card, I personally thought the problem was a clash between overdrive and afterburner.

    I uninstalled afterburner and used 'Gpu tweak' by asus. That program has the ability to increase the 2d clock on idle and semi load etc. However it does it automatically anyway so you probably wont have to mess with it but can if you wish.

    Afterburner just kept my idle clocks far too low, it was a choice of 24/7 oc clocks or low idle, so I just used gpu tweak instead.

    Hope this helped.
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