I have 2 Question about DDR2 & DDR3 SD Ram

Alright Question 1
Why do they refer to DDR as DDR SD Ram if it is double data rate why do they put SD \ Single data rate at the end of the ram type.

Question 2

In DDR3 1066 in CPU z it says the memory frequency is 533MHz and My C2Q Machine has DDR2 1066 Also operation @ 1066 or 533MHz But my DDR2 ram has lower timings does this make DDR2 faster? Probably not but I don’t Get the Concept of DDR3 1066 if it operates at the same speed as DDR2 1066 with higher timings.
& yess I do Understand that DDR3 goes Higher then 1066 but shouldent it be 1066x3 3198Mhz ?
DDR1 is x1
DDR2 is x2
DDR3 is x3
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  2. DDR1 is x1
    DDR2 is x2
    DDR3 is x4

    There is two ways of looking at RAM speed. CPU-Z looks at memory frequency. The BIOS generally looks at memory clock.

    You are looking at things backwards. At a memory frequency of 333 MHz, DDR2 RAM is clocked at 667 MHz. At the same frequency, DDR3 RAM is clocked at 1333 MHz.
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