Good low profile pcie card for ibm m52 8212

Hey guys I have a sff Ibm m52 8212. p4 3ghz HT. 240 watt psu. Theres only one case fan running, a dvd drive a very little else. I want to replace the gma 950 . I have been looking at the 8400gs and radeon 2400. As well as anything from a x300 on up. What would be a good card for this system concidering its age and limitations cpu and psu wise ? I can get the cards very cheap on ebay, not looking to run crysis or anything close ! :lol:
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  1. Thanks for the reply ! Whada ya think about this : Looks like a low pro, just with a full size bracket.

    Thanks for helping !
  2. Yea go for it, not sure how it relates in performance to 8400gs, but anythings better then the gma950 :D
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