Win Xp professional won't connect to broadband only a dial up connection


We recently changed from windows xp home to professional, and now we can't get the computer to see the router, it will only give us a dial up connection, even if we try to set up broadband, our router is from the orange mobile network, and says in the leaflet to just plug it into the telephone line, then into the computer, and it will work instantly. I have no clue about computers and seem to be going round in circles, won't the stuff I see on here is nonsense to me, so I have no idea what to do to ever get internet back! I'm sure it said something about drivers, but the router came with no disks or anything, and it's not working immediately like it says it should.

I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction, thank you kindly.
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  1. That is supposed to say most of the stuff I see on here is nonsense to me but apparently I'm not allowed to edit my own post -.- so I sound like an idiot haha, well I am here because I'm an idiot but oh well! As another point, I'm not even sure the modem is working now :S
  2. Ugh, it's still glitching and not letting me edit what I have wrote, good thing I copied it first just in case!

    Yep, no drivers for the modem, video, or sound, there is no sound, this computer was completely formatted then xp pro installed so there is nothing on there but the OS, and now the service packs, which have brought up some icons on the task bar which were also oddly missing, but still none to do with connecting to broadband. When I go through connections and try to connect it just refuses to, my user name and password for my router is correct, I tried many times to make sure, but no joy, my partner is going crazy, my father showed him wow and now the computer wont work for him to get on it haha, shame really, after the stress of the past few weeks he could use a little entertainment, any ideas why windows doesn't have drivers come with it? Since I need a driver, to get online, to download the driver, to get online.....tried doing it over this laptop but still no joy, not entirely sure what drivers we need! Seems so strange to me that an operating system wouldn't have all the things you need to actually use your computer, it's like half of it is just missing, it all installed fine, and reinstalled again to be sure it was all done correctly, the home xp was all hunky dory, worked fine for years, so why is xp pro missing so much vital information??

    My partner just put a belkin wireless doodad in (looks like a dongle) and now we can get wireless internet through the Orange router, makes it easier! Just need to find these drivers, I'm still not sure why this is happening which makes it difficult to fix it :/ I need a technological expert! Please :)

    Ohh heck, it's now decided to find the drivers, now it has net, how odd! Hopefully it fixes itself, I am so darn confused right now!
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