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Hello, I have a Pentium dual core e2200. Yes i know it's old and sucks but i don't have the money to replace it. This is Dell computer so no bios overclock. I want to game on this but now i can't even meet the minimum requirement for games so I pretty much have to overclock it.

I have been looking into Clockgen. Should i use this? Do you have any recommendations for a way to overclock my CPU? *I REFUSE TO DO THE BSEL MOD. I DO NOT FEEL I SHOULD PUT TAPE AND CONDUCTING INK ON MY CPU*
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  1. I doubt your motherboard has any control on overclocking that CPU. The bad thing about people who want to overclock with a prebuilt system is that fact. The bios is so limited and even disables the most archaic methods of overclocking or gaining performance. This is simply because of two things; warranty issues and upgrading. Locking you out of these abilities keeps you from frying something like the CPU and getting it fixed under warranty even if you did technically void it. Second, now you have to buy new hardware simply to get an improvement in your processor.

    On most prebuilt systems, even if you try overclocking through software; since it's disabled within the BIOS, it won't allow the software overclock to override the settings. So basically you'd be clicking apply and changing nothing.
  2. You can't overclock, so don't even try.
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