ATI Radeon X1550 3D DVI Low Profile 256MB Video Card

I recently bought a ATI Radeon X1550 3D DVI Low Profile 256MB Video Card before installation would I have to delete my other drivers first it is a {R} Graphics Media Accelerator Driver?
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  1. yes, to prevent any compatibility issues.
  2. Thanks. :) When I delete my old drivers would they be in the recycling bin so if for any reason the new drivers did not install I could reinstall my old drivers?
  3. No, you have to uninstall them not delete them(they won’t be in your recycling bin). You should probably go to your motherboards manufactures website and download the latest drivers before installing your x1550 if you are worried, but I see no reason for you to run into any problems.
  4. Thanks Again. :) Would there be any way I could transfer them to a USB slip drive?
  5. The downloaded drivers or the installed ones? You can move the downloaded ones to the USB drive but the installed drivers have to be uninstalled in order to be removed.
  6. I never had a video card in my computer I just have the integrated original one so would I still have to uninstall them? I was refering to the installed ones. So is there no way I could copy the installed ones and move one of the copies to the usb slip drive?
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