GA-P55A-UD4: missleading and wrong beep code

Here is something for the records:
recently I had a hard time when building a new system with the following parts:
- Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4
- Kingston 2 x 2GB
- Intel® Core™ i5-760
- be quiet! Pure Power L7 530W

Whatever combination I tried, I got always the beep code indicating
Power error (Continuous short beeps).
After exchanging every single part I found out, that the DRAM
was the culprit.

Emitting the beep code for Power error in case of some broken DRAM
might be ok but it is certainly wrong if the power is ok and no DRAM
is inserted at all.

So if you get the beep code for Power error you have to check ALL
components in your system and not just the power.
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  1. Yes, it's true. Continuous short beeps can mean a problem with RAM. I've seen others discover this. When Gigabyte says power error they do not mean (only) Power Supply.
  2. generally beep codes i find are just crap - if its beeping the rig has issues, you just have to figure what it is exactly
  3. There is a beep code site that might help with your issue m'friend.

    Hope that helps. (:
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