Esata/usb port - clarification, is it same as esatap?

So this might seem like a bit a of a dumb question, but I can't find a definitive answer anywhere so here goes...

is an esata/usb port the same thing as an esatap port? My laptop has a port labelled esata/usb and I am looking to buy an external HD. however, the drive I am looking at (Seagate GoFlex Portable - i need something that I can use esata at home but has a usb option for if I need to take it elsewhere that doesn't) states it needs esatap.

Secondly, whilst searching for an answer to this question I saw an interesting post somwhere - somebody stated that if you had an esatap port, then you could use the seagate goflex esata adapter to connect any normal sata drive to this accurate?
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    As far as using the seagate adapter with any sata drive, I do think it will work. You may need an adapter to use the adapter though, I do not know if the goflex adapters use a regular sata connection or a bridge connection that needs an enclosure.
  2. Duplicate thread! (I posted in the other one.)
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