Considering OverClocking FX 8350

i want to overclock an FX8350 but i havent overclocked before and i dont have the cpu yet (want to know how far i can overclock) i dont really know much about it but i understand it has to be stable, and need to multiply the voltage or something. can anyone help me out? is there a program to overclock or something.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    This is about the most thorough guide I've found. Although it says for Bulldozer, Piledriver OC's the same. There's a lot of information there, read it, re-read it, soak it in for a while, ask questions.
    Good luck
  2. seems too risky for me. i dont want to kill my hardware within days of getting it. instead ill post my specs and see if people think it can withstand what i want to throw at it. thanks for the link
  3. You have to get an an after market cooler , I have the 8350 and the stock cooler barely keeps the cpu cool if you , play games , render video , would not ttempt to OC with stock cooler .
    Other than that it's a great CPU that overclocks easily 4.5 should be no problem . I also use small fans to cool the ram and the heat sinks next to the outputs for usb mouse and things . With a after market tower cooler no air gets blown on them like it does with the factory cooler , just extra insurance , probably not necessary .
    Good luck .
  4. If you read the guide thoroughly until you are comfortable with it then you won't be half as nervous or worried, and you may even enjoy it :)
    but if you are unsure or not confident then do not attempt it,
    I'll be getting mine soon and I'll happily report back my clocking experiences so if you can run stock till the end of january then I can possibly be of help to you
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