I7 3770k @ 4.5ghz Help Please!

I need a good cooler that can overclock an i7 3770k to 4.5ghz.

A zalman maxr cooler won't fit in my case, as well as an Noctuda D 14. What other cooler is good that can OC the 3770k to 4.5ghz? I was thinkng of the Hyper 212 evo but I am not sure.
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  1. I absolutely love my Hyper 212+.

    I'm clocked to 4.0Ghz on mine and this is with IBT. IBT gets the CPU hotter than probably anything else in the world could. My prime temps never break 50C now. However I'm running two Silverstone FM121 (110CFM) fans on the thing. So it basically is a jet engine at max.

    They are extremely good coolers and the biggest thing is applying the thermal paste correctly. Make sure to prefill the gaps between the heatpipes and the block on the cooler before mounting. I've heard it can make a big difference.

    Just make sure it will fit with your motherboard. My setup cost me about $55 total. Got my hyper212 for $14.99 after rebates and my fans were about $20 a shot. Well worth it if you ask me, as I'm extremely happy with the results.
  2. See the thing is, I read the 3770ks run very hot compared to Sandy Bridge. Thats why I wanted to be sure the hyper 212 evo will be enough for 4.5ghz
  3. Each processor is different. The speed isn't usually the issue when it comes to reaching a frequency as the voltage needed is. The voltage affects the thermal output of the processor a lot more than frequency alone as I've learned over time. If I ran these voltages at stock it would only be a couple degrees cooler. Whereas if I push it up to the 1.3v spectrum I run more into the mid 60's and sometimes even pop a 70C. The SB does run a bit cooler than the IB and from where I see a lot of it can come from a poorly seated lid from the factory. However I've seen some results with lids that are impressive as well. This may only be part of the reasoning; but after reading a bit about delidding the IB, I would probably take the time to actually do so on my own chip if it indeed was a problem.

    Either way, I have seen results with people having the IB at 4.5Ghz with the Hyper 212. I would personally have two fans on mine regardless if I ran stock or not. I love sitting at 600RPM and being able to play pretty much any game without breaking 60-65C on my SB. :)
  4. A lot of people will give you the thumbs up on the Hyper 212 EVO. I have that cooler with my i5-3570k and idle temps are in the low 20's and sometimes high teens. The hottest I've seen is 65C running BF3 at ultra. The Hyper 212 EVO has a lot of credibility and it's pretty cheap. I'd say go for it. :)
  5. Hi there, state your case model and I can see what kind of coolers it will fit. Is this a height issue or are we running in to other issues?

    *Hey steddora, you get some sleep yet?
  6. Also forgot to address your OC. I have mine at 4.1ghz, I could go more I just don't feel like messing with the voltage. 4.5 should be doable with reasonable temps.
  7. What's up social! And yeah; sleeping is still off, but hey; it comes and goes! I actually went to sleep during a stress test last night after posting in the Intel Overclockers Club just to see what voltage it takes to get stable at 4.5Ghz on this chip. 1.275 was the ticket; I think I have a good chip! LOL

    Either way, if the 212 fits, you will not be disappointed; Like I said, the thermal paste application is the most crucial part with the 212. The difference in a a good application and a bad application can be the difference between 60C and 100C at full load. So just make sure you do it right.


    That will give you a great idea of applying the paste. Personally I didn't "lap" mine as it doesn't really do all that much unless the thing is really out of whack. You want the copper transferring the heat; not the aluminum. But that method works pretty good. I've also found that twisting the HSF back and for a couple times before tightening it down really helps the spread reach the sides of the CPU's lid.

    Just make sure it will fit your case. Let us know what case and motherboard you have and we'll give you a good idea if it will work or not. And if it doesn't, we can find you some viable alternatives!
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