What program works well to control fan speeds and see temps? EVGA X58

I have an EVGA X58 SLI mobo. I see in the bios that it shows all voltages, fans speeds, and the temps for cpu, vrm, system, etc. The bios also has setting to control PWM fans on the 4 pin connectors, ex the cpu.

What program would give me the same information and control in Windows 7.

My other computer has a Gigabyte P35 mobo. Gigabyte had a program that did everything I mentioned above. Does EVGA have a program like that? I've searched their website but I haven't found anything.
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  1. try
    i use it and its great shows everything even gpu and hhd temps
  2. kreepa said:
    i use it and its great shows everything even gpu and hhd temps

    ^+1 works well for me.

    I also use 'Speed Fan' and 'CPU-Z' (yeah they are separate) but also works =)
  3. So basically EVGA does not have a program like Gigabyte that does what I want to do. So my only option is to use other programs.

    That is not a big deal but I would have rather had a solution backed by EVGA.
  4. im not really sure on that one beekermartin, if there is a program i dont know of it sorry
  5. There is an EVGA utility named E-LEET that you can download from EVGA's web site if you have registered ownership of an X58, P55, H57/H55 motherboard or EVGA GTX 480 Graphics card.

    It looks like a combination of CPU-Z and various other utilities. I don't think it has fan control but it does monitor fan speeds.

    NEW! EVGA GTX 480 voltage adjustments (BETA)
    NEW! EVGA GTX 480 PWM frequency adjustments (BETA)
    Real-time monitoring of CPU, Memory and QPI frequencies
    Real-time monitoring of vital voltages such as: CPU VCore, DRAM Voltage, +12v, etc.
    Real-time monitoring of each individual core, north bridge and voltages regulator temperatures
    Real-time adjustments of QPI Base Clocks, CPU Multiplier and PCIe Bus Frequencies
    Directly generate CPUZ Validation file and submit it via the utility itself
    "Brink OC" mode automatically saves a validation file every time you push up your CPU Frequency so you can grab your overclocking record with lesser hassle
    Logitech keyboard LCD display support

    Available here: http://www.evga.com/eleet/
  6. {As an alternative} I understand the Pro & Cons of many of these utilities, and I "personally" prefer the use of a dedicated fan controller unit. I also don't like unnecessary power running directly off my MOBO. All my EVGA rigs use Koolance - http://www.koolance.com/water-cooling/default.php?cPath=69

    Additional footnote, the Gigabyte utilities are horrible and cause more problems {tons of posts confirming} than they solve and I would recommend against using any of them except the ON/OFF. Most BIOS evasive Apps are overall not good.

    That all said, I don't even recommend the EVGA Precision http://www.evga.com/precision/ and as I recall only 2 of the 5 CASE_FAN can be regulated via BIOS.

    Let me know how they {software fan controllers} workout on your rig. I wish I could in good faith point you to a reliable & FREE software solution.

    Good Luck!
  7. I don't really need software for fan control. All of my case fans, Antec 902, have their own speed control knobs. I was hoping for a program that would allow me to control the cpu fan from within windows. I guess I will just set it in the bios using the automatic fan settings. I just ordered a Cooler Master 212 plus on Friday. The 212 has a PWM fan. Once I get it installed I will play around with the settings in the bios to see what settings work best.

    I would still like a program that monitors temps and voltages better than realtemp does. Maybe I am missing something in realtemp but all it shows is the core temps and the gpu. I will try the programs you guys listed above.
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