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I am installing windows on my newly built computer for the first time and I am stuck. Windows 7 is not recognizing my harddrive and is asking me to select the driver to be installed. My hard drive is a WD Caviar Black 1tb and it was OEM so it does not have a disk with it. I tried looking for the drivers online but was not able to find them. The HD was recognized in the BIOS.
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  1. did you click advanced/then format/ then instal
  2. The format button is grayed out.
  3. did you click delete partition/then create partition?
  4. where would I do that? this is a brand new computer with no os in it right now.
  5. right but in order to install windows you need to creat a new partition.... in the advanced tab there is an option to create a Partition. click it then click ok with the default amount... then it will say windows needs to set so much aside for its own use or something like that. click ok.. now select the biggest partition and click the format tab... now click install good luck
  6. My HD does not even show up like the one in the pictures from the link you gave.
  7. is ACHI on in the bios? or raid ? are there any other hard drives plugged in?
  8. do I want ACHI or IDE mode?
  9. ACHI indefinatly!!! in IDE it will not reach its full potential it is just a simulation.
  10. Only one hard. ACHI is on.
  11. did that make a difference with the install?
  12. I am still not getting my hard drive to show up. The screen I am on at the top says Where do you want to install windows? No drives are listed. At the bottom it gives me the options to refresh and load driver. Delete, extend, format, and new are all greyed out.
  13. have you tried to click load driver?
  14. some people are saying to instal linux first then format over that and install windows this is a common problem with the caviar black and windows 7.
  15. I tried load driver but it is looking for a driver to install and I do not have a driver for this hard drive and I cant find one online through WD

    here is the forum i found a work around for your situation... simply install linux on the drive than windows will detect it and you can format the linux partition and install over it...
  17. Did This fix the issue?
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