Data Recovery - Verbatim External HDD Model AC750GB

Good evening! The HDD has been emitting a weird clicking noise for a while and i've finally decided to back my data up just in case. I disconnected it from my laptop (it was working "fine") to transfer the data on another computer. Problem is, it has stopped computer can detect it and now I am unable to retrieve my data...Anyone has an idea of what I should do?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. At this point in time if not recognized by BIOS professional DATA recovery service, if recognized in BIOS then assigning a drive letter in disk management will help.
  2. It is not recognized by BIOS. I will look into that Professional Data Recovery service you mentionned. Thank you very much!
  3. So far, i have tried EASUS Data recovery wizard, HDD Regenerator and RAID Reconstructor. None of them were able to detect the external hard drive. Would anyone have any good software to suggest? Thanks!
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    It is time to look at the value of the data and see if it is worth the money of a payed recovery service.
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