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Dual channel errors

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October 9, 2010 5:29:18 PM

hi guys,
Well after owning the asrock 890fx delux 3 (amd/am3) for almost 5 months i have had no problams until recently.
After trying some diffrent ram for a friend (sector5, ddr1333 patriot mem) on my mother board to see if his ram was bad (which one of the stick was). I renstalled my own ram in dual channel mode and started getting crashes, they started to get worse and worse up to the point where i couldnt even get to the bios. Memtest would show error at random times and would just freeze and I couldnt even get out and had to hard reboot, this was in dual channel mode. but in single channel mode it ran fine with no erros. so i put them in in single channel mode and I have no problmas. I have tried a diffent cpu (same make/model) renstalling the bios/clearing the cmos/ trying my ram on a diffrent computer(mobo) to see if it would run in dual channel mode... which it did with no errors.
I also renstalled the ram as stated with the first stick in dimm1 making sure that it runs ok then installing the second stick in dimm2.
I also made sure all the timmings where correct and voltages were correct.
nothing has changed other than trying that diffrent ram.
So i am stumped..... How could testing diffrent ram, then putting my old ram back in cause my mobo to not run corectly in dual channel mode? I thought the dual channel controller was on the cpu.
could my bios have gone bad?

I have contacted asrock and they are sending me an RMA ticket but i just wanted to see if you guys know of anything else I can try. B4 i ship it off

asrock890fx delux3
amd955 cpu non overclocked
g.skill 1600(2x2)=4gb (my ram)
750watt pc power and cooling
asus 5870 v2
samsung 500gb hd
win7 64 bit ultimate

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a c 78 V Motherboard
October 9, 2010 9:02:39 PM

I wonder if your BIOS detected your friend's RAM SPD settings and adjusted your BIOS settings. Did you CLR_CMOS or Re-set you BIOS to its Default values after you tested your friend's RAM? You might try that, then adjust your BIOS's RAM settings for speed, latencies, and voltage for your RAM.