Overclocking issues with graphics

I have an FX4100 and whenever i jump the overclock to 4.6GHZ my game Skyrim runs like its in super fast motion like 30 times faster than normal. If i clock it back down to 4.3ghz game runs fine...any ideas of what is going on?

Mobo ASrock 990FX extreme 3
cpu FX 4100
Video card EVGA superoverclocked GTX 460
ram 8gb Gskill sniper series 1866 mhz.
psu 650 earthwatts Antec green.
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  1. Is vsync enabled? That sounds like a glitch if I'm correct.


    Many posts on the internet just about that same thing. I'd look into maybe setting vsync for it through the nVidia drivers and see if that works.
  2. I rebooted the computer after i set the overclock and it worked fine then...also i found out i have it overclocked in bios and i was also using the ATXU program from desktop to overclock which i thing may of been where the problem was created.
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