New system build for gaming, need some advice please

hi guys im from australia and sort of getting back into the computing stuff again, but seeing i have been out of the game for a little while i was wondering if i could get some assistance...i want to build a system that i will use for gaming, microsoft office, watching movies and web browsing...i have a budget of about AUD$700-$1000, i have been looking around at both Intel i5,i7 and the AMD x4' most my research has been based on the AMD system this is what i have so far

AMD x4 Core Quad 965 3.40Ghz
Motherboard Gigabyte MA770T-UD3
Cooling Fan Genuine AMD Boxed
Chipsets AMD 770 Chipset
Motherboard Main Feature:
DDR3, 1xPCI-E, 2xPCI, 1xIDE, Upto 8xUSB, 4xSATA DDR3, 1xPCI-E, 2xPCI, 1xIDE, Upto 8xUSB, 4xSATA
Video Card 1GB ATI 5770 Video Card
Memory 4GB DDR3 1333 Memory (AMD Approved)
Hard Disk 1TB SATA 2
ATX CASE AeroCool Tower Case “Germany Design”
Sound Card High Definition Audio CODEC 6 Channel Sound Integrated) High Definition Audio CODEC 6 Channel Sound (Integrated)
Network Card Gigabit 10/100/1000 Fast Network Card (Integrated) Gigabit 10/100/1000 Fast Network Card (Integrated)
DVD RW dual layer burner

around AUD$950

now i was hoping this system will be able to play most new games out on the market atm, also with the graphics card i've read something about buying 2 and then linking the 2 graphics card together (sorry i forgot what its called)...but i was wondering with the amount of money i want to spend could i build an intel system for the same amount of money or is this system adequate for what i want to do. also this only consists of only the tower im not including the screen,mouse,etc. just the tower any information will be great.


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  1. Here's a solid AMD build. I wouldn't go intel unless your spending over $1000

    It's much better to have a less expensive CPU and a more expensive GPU as cpu's don't affect gaming nearly as much.

    So going from a 965 + 5770 to a Athlon X4 2.6 quad + a 5850 is much better for gaming.
  2. ok also another question here in australia to go from the 965 to 2.6 is only AUD $100 less but to go from the 5770 which retails at about AUD$179 to the 5850 which AUD$369 is a $200 more investment which im trying to stay in budget...also another question is, would my motherboard be compatible with crossfire (if thats what it is called?) and then wouldnt 2 5770 be better than 1 5850...also for crossfire is there anything else that i have to install, is it some sort of hardware thats an extra cost or is it just a feature with motherboards?

  3. also what is the major differences between x4 965 and x4 2.6, is there any noticable differences between the 2

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