hey guyz pls help me out'

i want to know what is the best graphics card that suits to my system,im a game lover and i want my game sets with high settings and i like game with good hd4670 has great performance but still need much better,because i cant play cod modern warfare2,crisis warhead in high settings.just good in mid settings
here are the specs

intel core2 duo e4600 2.4ghz
ecs 945gct-m2/1333 has pcie x16
2gig ddr2 memory
15'' lcd monitor
350 watts psu

im willing to upgrade my psu for the recommended card
what should the best graphics card for this system that can play modern games with spectacular high graphics settings?
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  1. Unless you can OC your processor to around 3.0 - 3.5 GHz (and with the ECS motherboard, I doubt if you can), any modern video card is going to be hamstrung with your CPU/Motherboard.
  2. HD5670 would be fine
  3. so what graphics card should be i use?the best graphics card for my system?
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    Since your monitor is just 15" then your current card(4670) is enough...
    u can't play cod modern warfare2 with HIGH setting? I'm sure your system can max out MW2 at 15" monitor...
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  6. I would suggest getting 2Gb more Ram (May require buying 2 x 2Gb to make 4 if you already have 2 x 1Gb and all slots filled) as it's cheap and will pay dividends regardless, and then look at a 6670, as it's the most powerful card that doesn't need more power than what it gets from the PCI slot (only something like 60w) Total cost say $115? Also, an overclock can't hurt so long as your cooling can handle it. Go for a modest bump if it will take it.
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